The Search Window in LM Professional

The Search Window offers advanced text search in LM text Items. It is an alternative to the original "Find text in items" in the main menu. It does not produce cards on the desktop. It has a more common design, rather like the search function in most help systems.

(This is a demo of LM Professional version 2.112 , in beta test April 2005).


A search-word may be entered or dragged from Dictionary, Concepts, Inflections, Projects or Flywords to the yellow "Drag area".

A search produces different results for the three tabs.

The first tab contains the items where "agriculture" is in any of the keywords (concepts):

The second tab shows items with a keyword related to a concept that have all search words within itself (the concept). Since we have only one keyword, the result here is the same as for the first tab.

The third tab shows the text search (keywords are not used). The number of hits may exceed the number of items if the search word appears in more then one place:


Get the active item back to the desktop by making a "drag" from the Drag and Drop Area.

(Notice that the item card does not have "agriculture" as a keyword).


The text area shows the search words in bold red in the text search result:


Alternatively we can use the text popup menu to find the word "agriculture":


With a marked word, we have more options in the text popup menu:


Now click the semaphore in the upper left corner and the Concordancer opens:


Several words are applied with logical "AND" if there is a "," delimiter.

Else use ";" to make "OR".

(The clauses may be nested, but AND:s must appear inside OR:s.)

Lets try an AND clause:



Now change to OR by shifting "," to a ";"

Keyword section:

Text section:



The "Exact" switch excludes embedded strings. Here we look for "culture", but we do not want "agriculture":


Write to  if you are a LM Professional user and if you want to take part in beta-testing of LM Pro 2.2!